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BOSS for domestic car
Universal Hub Kit for domestic car  
Product information
Universal Hub Kit is the product to pass Japanese automobile safety inspection. Now in the automobile parts industry, it occurs to loosen the automobile discipline and advance free. But it needs for customer to choice the correct products. For example, it is obliged that the automobile safety is under management for customer. It is no easy that choose goods correctly among huge market. So it advances free, in WORKS BELL we willingly decided our goods to pass Japanese automobile safety inspection. We review what boss should be using data about know-how, strength and safety we save, to guarantee the quality of our products.
For example, the accuracy and shape of boss to fix steering wheel surely, the possibility of secondary damage by the cause a driver crash against a steering wheel in an accident and the material to extend its life through attention of corrosion and fatigue, etc. We don’t change its design again, but develop its traditional design as self regulations.
Our products have high quality and design so that it could relieve you. This is Universal Hab Kit produced by WORKS BELL to pass Japanese automobile safety inspection.
Line Up
Normal BOSS
It is for car that doesn’t have special equipment around genuine steering wheel. The electric contact for horn has a type of brass board, and a type of coupler. It needs to confirm the car as to car model.
Airbag BOSS
You can detach airbag that rises a rate of attachment in recent years, and attach a steering wheel as you like. In use of dummy resistance that attaches Universal Hub Kit for airbag, you can turn off the airbag indicator.

※Some car can’t turn off the airbag indicator
Auto Cruise BOSS
The car equipped auto cruise should use Auto Cruise BOSS produced by Universal Hub Kit. The switch about auto cruise function has moved to the attached horn button around. Especially in case of the car equipped a boss accommodated to a car with auto cruise function, the setting of auto cruise switch condition your operation easily well. With a little product made by other company, when you push the auto cruise button, sometime a horn sounds naturally.
The product by WORKS BELL sets a button to operate easily from the beginning and places a circuit base within horn button. And when you use a steering wheel with pat, please use Auto Cruise Switch Kit selling separately. The switch of auto cruise function can be attached rightly between sporks of steering wheel. Of course, it can be attached a steering wheel without bad.
Conformity item No. turn verification
At WORKS BELL, we sell products as Universal Kit only that it clear the safety standard that we set originally in our company ,after we test all the cars to set practically. About product No. of accommodation to boss, some product differ from a car of year and model, with or without airbag, and
equipment around steering wheel although cars of the same model.
Acceptable table
*Note: Regardless of the make and model of the vehicle, there are cases that compatible product number is different among the same model with the same year, because of the variation of the factory parts. Before installing this product, please compare the back of your steering wheel and the configuration of the boss kit, and see if they fit. Also, for the air bag indicator, some of the vehicles cannot be lighted off, or even if it could,it may light on later.

BOSS for import car
Universal Hub Kit to pass Japanese automobile safety inspection  
Product information
Though there are aims to improve performance of driving and fashion, customizing steering wheel is standard interior tuning. A steering wheel is one of the most important parts with closest to driver and in safety performance. When you customize your steering wheel, you need Universal Hub Kit produced by WORKS BELL.
Product Feature
This product can exchange steering wheel to a car with genuine airbag.
We put a user safety before everything else, didn’t have processed welding, adding, and heat processing at all in manufacture process of Universal Hub Kit .
Universal Hub Kit has 12 holes and adopt to an attachment of “momo pitch” or “NARDI pitch” steering wheel.
This product has manufactured in a aluminum die-casing process (or aluminum shaving) from the original model product for each car.
Accommodation Manufacturer

※ A shape of this product has differ from each models because of design for each car model.