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Shift to sports steering
With original steering shift left as is
Get the thrill of a racing driver!!
Product Features

Up to now, when shifting steering with cars equipped with AT shifting switch for genuine steering, it is necessary to give up the function. However, by using this “PADDLE SHIFTER KIT”, the function may be used functionally and in style. More, the “PADDLE SHIFTER KIT” is a product designed specific to car type consisting of “exclusive short boss” and “exclusive harness” that form a set.
* The main body of the paddle shifter is made of aluminum alloy machined and formed to shape and then made to undergo alumite processing. * The paddle section is fitted to the size of the steering wheel and of the driver’s hands that could be adjusted by 15mm to the left or to the right. * The steering wheel mounting position differs with car type. * The color of the main body of the paddle shifter is blue gray.
Composeted parts
GTC main body / harness (middle coupler) / ground ring / horn ring (gutter type) / Jumper 1 line with fuse / bolt
Car setting
car type
model year mount mounting position
(relative to original steering)
Legacy BH-BE H10/6 ~ H15/4 SRS/for cars with handle shift + ~30mm 115PS
BP-BL H15/5~ SRS/for cars with handle shift + ~30mm 116PS
Impreza GD-GG H13/9 ~ H14/10 SRS/Shift switch + ~30mm 115PS
H14/11 SRS/Shift switch + ~30mm 116PS
Before M/C
GD1~2 H13/6 ~ H16/5 SRS/Shift switch + ~20mm 222PS
After M/C
GD3~4 H16/6 ~ SRS/Shift switch + ~20mm 223PS
Mobilio GB1~2 H13/12~ SRS/Shift switch + ~20mm 222PS
Air Web GJ1~2 H17/4~ SRS/Limited to 7 speed mode fitted + ~20mm 223PS
StepWagon RG Series H17/5 ~ SRS/Only CVT cars/Handle shift fitted/for IHCC cars, NG ~30mm 223PS
Aristo 160 Series H9/8 ~ SRS/Limited to handle shift fitted cars + ~30mm 528PS
Altezza 10 Series H10/10 ~ SRS/Limited to handle shift fitted cars + ~30mm 528PS
Cardina ST215 H14/9 ~ SRS/Limited to handle shift fitted cars + ~30mm 528PS
MR-S ZZW30 H16/2 ~ SRS/SMT cars only + ~30mm 537PS
Skyline V35 13/6 ~ SRS/5AT cars (no confirmation for 4AT cars) + ~25mm 631PS
Fair Lady Z Z33 H14/7 ~ SRS/ A/T cars only + ~25mm 631PS
Stezza M35 H13/10 ~ H17/10 SRS/ A/T cars only + ~25mm 631PS
RX-8 SE3P H15/4 ~ SRS/ Limited to cars fitted with handle shift + ~30mm 912PS
※For paddle shifter kit for imported cars, please inquire from Martell Co. Ltd.
※Cannot be used in pure steering not fitted with shiftmatic switch.
※Position steering mount differs with the car.
※For details on applicable cars, please inquire from the customer center (0266-70-1477).
The frontline collaboration product between Works Bell and Night Pager (Keihin Precision Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
Car accessories with high quality finish realized by incorporating Works Bell technology on Night Pager’s “Paddle Shifter”.
*By simply pulling the left/right paddle part, AT gear change is enabled. *Switch stroke is about 7mm. *Right paddle is UP©, Left is DOWN™. (Cannot be modified.) *Can be fitted by putting coupler on without padded wiring works on the exclusive harness provided (middle coupler). *The auxiliary short boss kit is for exclusive paddle shifter use.