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Product Feature
* Safety
By adopting BALL LOCK(pat.), it isn't rickety when attaching, so it can attach and detach speedly steering wheel. (added safety lock)This is conformed item of important security.
* Function
It is smooth to get on and off a car which adopted bucket seat or sports typed seat.
* Improvement for operation
As you can detach easily steering wheel, it is easy to operate place in a dash board that you can't reach before and pedals around.
* Security for car theft
For example, thieves can't drive a car without steering wheel, if they release security system and start engine. It is no more than an idea of security guard, but we hope it takes all possible measures of provision for protecting your car.
Product information
* Plugs and sockets are connected by 10steel balls that is 9.0mm wide.(10steel balls are arranged irregulary,so it is only connected at one place of center of the steering wheel.)
* The main mechanism of this product is made of a socket plug which was cut from aluminium alloy(Product No.A5056-H36)and a sleeve which was cut from SS400 material.
* An horn terminal is arrnged at product and sleeve inside,so you can use horn button as it is.(You can detach and attach an horn terminal when instlling steering wheel)
* In summer, the body would be heated much by the direct rays of the sun. Attention a burn.
How to detach and attach steering wheel
To detach
1.Push a safety lock button with forefinger. 2.Pull a sleeve joint to this side. 3.So a BALL LOCK will be released, put it to this side as it is. 4.Return a sleeve joint, it will be finished releasing.
To attach
1.Pull a sleeve joint to this side with pushing a safety lock button with forefinger.(Pull a sleeve joint to the end completely.) 2.Catch to its socket as it is. 3.Return a sleeve joint softly. 4.If steering wheel make one tuun, a BALL LOCK will be locked at one place. It will be finised catching.
Watch movie of detach and attach action.