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Corporate Name Works Bell Co. Ltd.
Representative Director Masato Miyashita
Works Bell USA Inc. 1223 Rush St Ste. F South El Monte, CA 91733
Head Office 3-22-10 Shimouma Setagaya-ku Tokyo 154-0002
Factory Nagano Factory, 8507 Tamagawa, Chino City, Nagano
Prefecture 391-0011
Customer Center TEL: 0266-70-1477
(10:00 --- 18:00 excluding Sundays and Holidays)
Founded on February 12, 1883
Capitalization ¥10,000,000
Fiscal Year May 31
Business Manufacture and sales of automotive parts
Major Brands WORKSBELL, Universal Hub Kit, Aluminum Boss Kit,
Ball Lock System RapFix
Employees 23
Main transacting banks Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mistubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank,
Shiba Credit Union
Major Customers

Autobacs Seven Co., Ltd.
Coars International Co., Ltd.
Takama Competition Products Co., Ltd.

Works Bell USA Inc.
Works Bell USA Inc.
11223 Rush St. Ste. F South El Monte, CA 91773
For Works Bell Products; 1-626-618-1100
For Tom's Products; 1-626-618-1114
3-22-10 Shimouma Setagaya-ku Tokyo 154-0002
Job Information
WORKSBELL Management Shop
Zip Code: 391-0011
Address: 10093-4 Tamagawa, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture
Working Hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00
FACTORY Location
Nagano Factory
Machining Center
Technical Center
Customer Center
  8507 Tamagawa, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture 391-0011
10093-4 , Chino City, Nagano Prefecture 391-0011
495-80 Subashiri, Oyamacho, Suntogun, Shizuoka Prefecture 391-0011
TEL: 0266-70-1477 (10:00am --- 6:00pm excluding Sundays and holidays)
Works Bell Trademark / Patent
Registered Trademark / Design
No. 1240890 / No. 1240891 / No. 4807568 / No. 4800094 / No. 4800095 / No. 645031
No. 7-117717 / No. 8-10908
New Industrial Design / Patent
May 24, 1988
  No.1731287 Harness Boss for car use
No. 2605094 Car handle switch
August 6, 1999   No. 2963409 Convertible Long handle boss for car use
July 23, 1997   No. 3042093 24-hole Boss spacer
October.29, 1997   No. 3044956 Crushable Boss
September 9, 1998   No. 3054252 Air passage through headlight housing
September 30, 1998   No. 3054891 Jumper parts to cancel air bag
No. 3077427 Silencer
No. 3079587 Full Harness Seatbelt
September 1, 2004
  No. 3105371 Car anti-theft cap
No. 3112336 Seat position sensor
No. 3120204 Auxiliary parts for removing steering wheel
No. 3120342 Shift switch
No. 3704481 Steering wheel contact coupler
Works Bell Co., Ltd. History
1950   Started factory operations as “Miyashita Manufacturing Co., Ltd” at Gohonki, Meguro, Tokyo.
1966   Changed corporate identity to Miyashita Industries Co., Ltd.
Start of manufacturing of metal watchbands for Seiko, Citizen and Swiss watches.
1969   Started aluminum polishing, black coating fabrication and sale for use exclusively in Momo and Nardi products of Oriental Instruments Co., Ltd.
Start of sale of Checkman Brand to Takama Competition Products Co., Ltd.
1971   Start of manufacture of die cast boss.
Used in Lears Inc. for Momo official use.
1977   Applied for patent and started manufacture of 12-hole conversion horn ring used in Momo and Nardi.
1979   Employed cover on the outside of boss and registered industrial design.
  Started marketing 7-color selection of colored bass cover to match the interior of cars.
1983   Announced new industrial design of 12-hole conversion horn ring type boss for use in Momo and Nardi. Founding of Works Bell Co., Ltd.
1985   Started construction of Nagano factory at Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.
Started cast boss manufacture for use in Mazda RX-7.
Opening of 4-wheel drive car shop, Rinei Nagano.
1986   Start of multi-holder manufacturing.
1988   Start of horn-button manufacturing for use in auto-cruise.
Start of construction of boss factory at Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.
Start of business transactions with Care Stuff (?) Co., Ltd.
1989   Start of business activities at Works Bell Co., Ltd.
1991   Employed as “rejit” boss in Auto Bacs Seven Co., Ltd.
1993   Start of cast wheel spacer manufacture.
Expansion of boss factory at Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.
Start of auto-cruise switch kit manufacturing for use in pad type steering.
1994   Transfer of main office to Nozawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
Won 2nd price N2 Class JFWDA competition sponsored mainly by Japan Four Wheel Drive Association.
Start of construction of Shop Zirk inside the company.
1996   Won RV Grand Prix at the TOKYO INTERNATIONAL RV SHOW ’96 sponsored mainly by Tokyo International MIHON Association.
General Champion of JFWDA Competition X-Class sponsored mainly by Japan Four Wheel Drive Association.
1997   Employed for use in Nardi of FET Co., Ltd.
1998   Started to represent the largest camping manufacturer in the World, “NEWELL”, in Japan.
Applied for “Car service products” for steering boss to the Ministry of Transportation. Accepted.
1999   Changed name of company retail business unit to Shop Veltech.
2001   May: Start to Market “Ball Lock System”.
2002   June: Addition of color models for “Ball Lock System”.
October: Representative Director ShigehitoMiyashita is elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.Managing Director Shigehito Miyashita is designated Representative Director President.
November: Integration of functions of Tokyo Head Office and Nagano Factory.
2003   March: Start of marketing “Plastic Key Lock System” as optional part of “Ball Lock System”.
April: Transfer of Head Office to Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
Transfer of Shop Veltech to Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.
2004   August: “Ball Lock System RapFix”, “Plastic Key Lock System” won “Daily Car Newspaper Grand Price for 2004 Functional Articles Prize.”
Renewal opening of Veltech as “Works Bell Management Shop”.
2005   March: Collaboration with Nigh Pager (Keihin Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
April: Collaboration with Martell Co., Ltd.
June: Start of marketing the first collaboration product with Night Pager, “Paddle Shifter Kit”.
July: Start of marketing first collaboration product with Martell Co., Ltd. “Super Paddle Shift”.
2006   April: Start of marketing second collaboration product with Night Pager, “Ball Lock System RapFix GTC”.
May: Became member of SEMA.