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  Rivet Spacer
It is a long boss spacer of 3 pieces mechanics to design and develop to lay ideal driving position. It has 14 types with 11 sizes full length from 50mm to 100mm in every 5mm unit and 110mm, 120mm,130mm. And we have adopted a rivet way to fix aluminum pipe material and flange, we can manufacture in one-off making with every 1mm unit within a range of 50mm〜100mm. We put safety before everything else and tested its strength and durability in industry test station (with 100mm full length spacer). And we pursuit safety by being added turn-not system.
The rivet to fix performs your interior sportier, and in aspect of function it realized lighter than a spacer with aluminum shave(about 40g lighter in 75mm length spacer<by our company survey>). This picture is a type of 100mm length rivet spacer.
  BOSS Spacer
The size of hand and length of arm are personal equation, and comfort driving needs a right driving position. When you use our boss spacer, you can change driving position height as you like. There are 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm length.
  Multi Change Boss Spacer
This boss spacer can change from momo type to NARDI type, and from NARDI type to momo type with PCD transform.
It is made by aluminum cut processing. Thickness of boss spacer body is 12mm.
silver black
[Accommodation Car Model]
Wide use product
・ momo type:Type ofφ70 PCD to fix with 6 bolt
・ NARDI type:Type ofφ74 PCD to fix with 6 bolt
U Turn-Harness
U Turn-Harness is a part to light off indicator, when airbag of driving side put off.
A car that has used concavity at airbag coupler in vehicle side should be used a convex type U Turn-Harness terminal and a car that has used convex should be used a concavity type U Turn-Harness terminal.
・ You can’t use it in way above.
・ Some car doesn’t light off airbag indicator, because of error of the car.

convex type concavity type
  Auto Cruise Switch Kit
In recent years, marketable steering wheel is a pat typed steering wheel. The auto cruise switch made by other boss company is mainstream to attach at horn button, but in the event of this, it can’t be put on pat, if you will attach the pat, you can’t use auto cruise function.
Furthermore with WORKS BELL the Spartan of sport like the customer anyhow, thinks that we would like to use the functional device of the vehicle to the customer of general layer as much as possible, you install in the spoke part of the steering wheel we prepare Auto Cruise Switch Kit
  Wiring Plate
This is a convenient product for pulling out the wirings except
the hornwiring when RapfixII 4 terminal is used.